November 27, 2012

Back from the literal D-E-D

Aloha commrades!

It may have been a week or two since I last posted.....

I'm happy to announce I'm back on the bandwagon. I heartily believe in the science of blogging and it's positive effects on the life of myself and the lives of those around me, so maybe I should, I don't know, do it.

The story of my absence is mostly a boring one filled with words like 'lazy,' 'detached,' and 'idealistic.' The latter may be slightly confusing, allow me to explain;

I have this vision of sharing all my health, exercise and wellness views with the world, or at least documenting them for myself and my posterity of cats later. So, I decided I would create an entirely separate blog full of beauty, wisdom, and blogging wit and magic. But, as luck or lack thereof would have it, it has taken more time and work than anticipated. This is still in the works and something I'm very excited about. But, for now, I realize it is time to document my life as it currently is and tell you it is good to be back:).

Me as of Today (Looks-Wise):

This is one of the more recent pics of me. I blend in with the puppies, so don't be confused, I'm the one with the blue headband.

What I'm Up To:

I am a very lucky girl. I have about 4 different jobs and I love them all. I get to play a lot, all day, with cool honestly is a dream come true. I know it's ever-changing, I'm not stuck in a career yet, but I kind of like it this way for now.

  • Job #1 - USANA health sciences - corporate wellness facilitator - part-time
So essentially I help keep the employees of Usana's corporate office healthy, happy, and maintaining a good work-life balance. I teach yoga, a nutrition/exercise intensive 6 week bootcamp program, weight training, and stress relief. I also meet with people one-on-one to discuss health and train people how to use the weights and....get this, indoor rockwall. Lauren (the lead facilitator) and I also come up with fun health initiatives throughout the year. I am in charge of a smoothie demo next month. Should be fun. I love the people I work with and am having a great time doing it.
 Water balloon volleyball tournament

Absurd obstacle course. Yes, t'was of my creation. :)

Job #2/3:

  • I currently teach a buttload of fitness classes. Yes, a buttload, commonly known as a plethora, a lot, hefty amount, numerous, etc. I teach a spin class at the field house on campus twice a week, a spin class at a different location on campus twice a week, two bootcamp classes on campus, and then 4 yoga classes plus 3 bootcamp classes at Usana. I should be the picture of fitness. I'm not, but I should. That's the thing about teaching fitness, you learn to cheat so as to not give away the fact that you can't breathe and sprint straight up a hill while calmly counting down the seconds. It's an art I am perfecting, this one of cheating the look of ease while inside I think I might die. It's taken me some hard-earned hours of practice I tell you. Anyway, I am learning to cheat to survive, thus my fitness level is probably subpar. Oh well. Health is a feeling not a number, right?!
  • My classes at the fieldhouse are about to end and I'm heartbroken, I always am. I get very attached to my students and my schedule. 
  • Next semester I am teaching: Mon - yoga and bootcamp, Tue - spin, Wed - total body fitness and bootcamp, Thurs - spin, Friday - yoga, Sat - spin

  • Personal Training - I love personal training only because of how differently I do it. I only take on 3 or 4 clients and basically they become some of my best friends. Some of them I do more yoga and others we work out, but always, and I mean always, we learn a ton from each other and have a great time. I'm so grateful that I am trained in a vast array of things so I can mix it up to create something special and designed specifically for them that day. Love it. Ha, what an adorable, underhanded way of complimenting myself, forgive me. It can be draining, so I try not to take on too many clients. But if you are interested or know someone who is, don't be shy to give them my info. I'm more than willing to meet with peeps to see if we are a good fit for each other. Yes, it is much like online dating;). 
Ok, I'll tell you more about my day-to-day as time goes on, but for now here are a few pics from my Thanksgiving. It was great, minus the whole direly sick part the day before, I loved it.

T'was a true-to-life redneck Thanksgiving....just as the pilgrims would have wanted it.

 Matt cooked up some serious explosives and even made a cannon that provided quite the shock and awe effect. There are videos, I'll share when I have them. Rating is yet to be determined.

The tiny twerps used straws as bullet shooters. Sooooo many educators would be so proud.

 These psychotic ladies, true to their psychotic form, were picking out prime cow pies all afternoon for a cow-pie-throwing contest. I had multiple cow pies thrown at my head. I'm eternally grateful to report none of them struck their aim. 

 Small example of the explosives architecture 

My somewhat forced participation.
*Fun fact - Madison, Ty and April's oldest, told me before we left for shooting, "Chelle, those jeans are  TOO skinny." I responded, "Madi, their called 'skinny jeans.' She then replied, "I just like your classic fit better. This is NOT your best look. I suggest you shop somewhere else next time."
She's 9. Awesome.

Yep, those are explosives hidden under that adorable pyramid of season decor.


Summer said...

Wow how informative. I guess I didn't know anything about your life. So glad u r back on the blogging bandwagon. How on earth r u going to be able to come here with 4 jobs? Slc looks cold, happy to report we r still in shorts here. :)

kylee said...

OH MY GOSH YOU BLOGGGED!!!!! praise the heavens, rachelle is back.

Unknown said...

Ummmm... you never left your email address so I can add you to my blog! Also, while I'm at it, I thought I'd just tell you how I love it when you blog.